Client Testimonials

"You were there with me every step of the way. As a first time mom, that was so important to me." 

— G.G.

"As a single woman facing labor & birth alone, I'm glad I made the investment in having Bold Doula support me & my birth. I was able to birth in a safe space. Denise loves what she does & it shows."

— M.C.

"Because you were here, I knew everything was alright. I could focus on my contractions. You took care of me completely, I didn't have to do anything but labor."

— J.R.

"At first I didn't want my wife to have a doula, seeing all you did & all that happened, I could not do this all by myself. I'm so glad you are here. You are definitely worth it!" - c. r.

— C.R.

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Learn directly from Denise, a certified EBB® Childbirth Class Mentor. 

Classes are unique, authentic, and fun, and can be done privately or in a group setting. 

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