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Cesarean Sections
& V-BAC's

Bold Doula is dedicated to supporting cesarean sections, vaginal births after cesarean (VBACs), and the use of epidurals, always prioritizing the birth preferences of mothers within the safe limits for both the mother and baby.

a happy Bold Doula mother and her baby
a happy Bold Doula mom and her newborn baby

During pregnancy, amidst the overwhelming influx of information and decisions, it's easy to overlook critical questions. While hospitals and birthing centers offer impressive tours and provide extensive information, often delivered through glossy pamphlets (totaling an average of seven pounds), one crucial query is frequently missed:

"What is the cesarean section rate at this institution/facility/with this maternal health provider?"

This question targets a significant aspect of maternal healthcare that remains under-discussed, yet it has the potential to alter pregnancy and profoundly impact a woman’s life. 

At Bold Doula, I'm passionate about supporting VBACs. I encourage you to find a healthcare provider who supports a Trial of Labor (TOL) and to engage with me, Bold Doula, to help you adopt the mindset necessary for a safe and successful vaginal birth."

Black Women do VBAC logo

I, Denise Bolds, lead Black Women Do VBAC, a pioneering organization focused on training birthworkers to assist Black/BIPOC families navigating surgical births or VBACs. This initiative is created 'For Us, By Us' to ensure specialized support is available.


Discover more about my efforts at or click the link below! 

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