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Welcome to a space where your birth experience is honored and supported, uniquely crafted just for you. As your dedicated doula, I offer customizable services designed to empower, nurture, and celebrate your individual path to parenthood. With each Bold Package, I'm here to ensure every moment is as beautiful and special as you've dreamed. Let's embark on this nurturing journey together.

"You deserve a birth experience
that reflects your individuality and strength. Let’s make it happen together."

- Denise Bolds, Bold Doula

I am excited to offer versatile services that cater to your preferences, including remote and in-person support options. Recognizing the importance of flexibility and individual choice, our packages are designed to accommodate your needs, ensuring that you receive the care and support you deserve in the manner that suits you best.

Each Bold Doula Package is customizable, allowing us to tailor our support to fit your unique situation perfectly. Additionally, every package has special complimentary features, enhancing your experience and ensuring you feel fully supported at every step.


Each Bold Doula birth package includes: 

  • Doula Interview Session

  • Personalized Intake Session

  • Birth preference development

  • Pediatrician Interview tool for First Time Parents

  • Labor support (virtual or in-person)

  • 'Golden Hour' support

  • Post-partum in-home session (or Zoom call) with breastfeeding support.

a happy Bold Doula family with their baby
a happy Bold Doula family with their baby

Don't Forget
about the Freebies! 

  • Bold Doula Resource Packet: Free with each package, offering trimester tips and reading recommendations.

  • Exclusive Google Doc Drive Access: All clients get special access to a drive filled with valuable resources.

  • Private Google Drive for Parents-to-Be: Complimentary admission, stocked with essential resources.

  • Monthly Virtual Breastfeeding Class: Taught by Bold Doula, available for repeat attendance.

  • Complimentary Birth Photography: Included in most packages, subject to availability.

Ready to Connect?

Take the first step toward a birth experience that reflects your wishes, needs, and strength. I look forward to meeting you and exploring the possibilities for your birth journey.

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