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You Deserve This

Welcome to the first step in your empowered birth journey! Whether you're dreaming of a birth filled with peace, seeking guidance on your birth plan, or looking to understand more about how a doula can support you and your birth team, I'm here to help.

This no-obligation consultation allows you to explore how doula support can align with your birth goals and enhance your birthing experience. It's a chance for us to connect, discuss your desires for birth, and outline how we can work together to make those a reality.

a woman on a virtual Video consultation call

Every expecting family has unique needs, questions, and dreams for their birth experience. Whether it's your first baby or adding to your family, understanding your options and having a support plan is invaluable. Our consultation is the perfect place to dive into topics like:

  • Your vision for your birth

  • The role of a doula in your birth team

  • How to prepare for different birth scenarios

  • Support for your partner or birth companion

How We'll Connect

For your convenience and comfort, consultations can be conducted through:

  • FaceTime

  • Zoom

  • Phone

  • Google Meet

Choose the platform that works best for you, and let's start the conversation from wherever you are.

It's Your Consultation

To ensure we cover everything important to you, please come prepared with:

  • Any questions you have about doula services, birth plans, or your birth journey.

  • Your Estimated Due Date (EDD) so we can discuss availability and timing.

  • Your planned birth location, as this helps tailor our discussion to your specific needs.

Let's Talk About Your Birth Goals & Team

Ready to Connect?

Take the first step toward a birth experience that reflects your wishes, needs, and strength. I look forward to meeting you and exploring the possibilities for your birth journey.

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