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Why Have a Doula?

a relaxed Bold Doula baby
Denise Bolds, Bold Doula assisting a mother during her pregnancy

Choosing to have a doula by your side is selecting a unique companion for one of life's most extraordinary journeys: childbirth. A doula provides continuous support, knowledge, and advocacy tailored to your needs and preferences. Here’s why welcoming a doula into your birth team can make a significant difference:

Your Journey, Your Choice

Let's discuss how I can support your unique path to parenthood. Together, we can create a birth experience that reflects your hopes, needs, and strengths.​

You deserve this!

Choosing a doula means choosing to honor your birth story with support that respects your voice and your choices. Whether seeking a guide, an advocate, or a comforting presence, a doula is a valuable addition to your birth team, dedicated to making your experience as positive and fulfilling as possible.

Click here for information for fathers. 

What I Offer



A doula offers non-medical support tailored to your emotional, physical, and informational needs. This personalized care ensures you feel heard, respected, and empowered throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.



Doulas are well-versed in childbirth education and provide evidence-based data that helps you make informed decisions about your birth plan and care. They demystify medical jargon and procedures, ensuring you understand your options.


Support for
Your Partner

Doulas also enrich the experience for partners, guiding and supporting you best and ensuring they are a vital part of the birth journey. This shared experience can strengthen your bond and partnership.


of Care

From early pregnancy to after your baby arrives, a doula is a constant presence, offering stability and a deep understanding of your preferences and wishes. This continuity enhances your comfort and confidence every step of the way.


Enhanced Communication

Your doula acts as a bridge between you, your partner, and healthcare providers. They help articulate your wishes and ensure your birth plan is respected, facilitating a collaborative environment focused on your
best interests.


Advocacy and Empowerment

A doula advocates for your choices, encouraging a birth experience that aligns with your values and desires. This empowerment leads to greater satisfaction with your childbirth experience, regardless of the outcome.



Nurturing Your Breastfeeding Journey: Lactation Counseling

I also provide expert support for a smooth and successful feeding experience


As your doula, I support you and your partner from the first contractions to the first moments of parenthood. My presence throughout pregnancy and birth will strengthen your connection with your baby, facilitate a smoother recovery, and foster a joyful transition into motherhood. Partners, too, find their confidence and involvement in the birth process deepened with the guidance and support a doula provides. My approach to a rewarding birth experience is built on four pillars: Education, Advocacy, Support, and Empowerment—creating a journey of EASE for you and your family.

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