Why Have a Doula?

You have the luxury to relax as stressors around pregnancy and birth are alleviated or completely resolved. As your birth doula, Denise supports you, your partner and your birth; you remain focused on your labor and your baby! 

Bold Doula sets up your birthing environment: peaceful, relaxing & safe with your preferences of intimacy & respect of a miracle, the birth of your baby occurs: your entrance into motherhood is supported.

Bold Doula is trained in Hypnobirthing & supports Hypnobirths!

DONA International Short Video: "The Essential Ingredient - Doula"

(Please click on the link above to watch this awesome video on doulas!)

What's Included in Bold Doula’s Birth Support:

(Services with an asterisk is an additional fee & can be a part of your custom package.)

Services are provided VIRTUALLY

(As the result of COVID-19) 

Consultations: Are conducted via phone, Zoom or Facetime.

Intake: Denise provides a 90-minute comprehensive intake getting to know you, your partner (if present) and the birth you would like to achieve.

Birth Preferences: Denise assists you in developing your birth preferences based upon your specific personal actions.

Bold Doula Resource Packet: A packet of tips and tricks to help you get through the trimesters. Over 20 pages of resources as well as reading recommendations! Updated frequently. Be in the know!

Doula: Once in active labor, Denise provides VIRTUAL support. This support is flexible. Epidurals are welcomed!

Post Partum: Denise contacts you in your home VIRTUALLY after your birth at a date/time of your choosing to support you as a new mom & to assess for any depression or stressors. Post-Partum support $35-45 hourly. Packages available.

Resources: Denise can provide you with resources electronically from your community to support you in your pregnancy and motherhood as requested.

Denise is a certified Perinatal Bereavement Specialist supporting miscarriages, still born demise, fetal demise and SIDS.

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC): Denise provides support you on breastfeeding if you choose or supplemental feeding. No judgments!

Partner Support: Want your partner's support? So does Bold Doula! Bold Doula provides the educational resources to teach your partner how to support your labor and birth that is accessible on your smartphone and more!

*Placenta Encapsulation: Made with Vegan Capsules. Tinctures too!(Please see PE page for more details!)

*Child Birth Education: Evidence Based Birth® ONLINE Child Birth Class (Please see Child Birth Education Page!)

*Overnights & Welcome Home Support: You had a baby, now what? Get some sleep! Ease your new parent anxiety with overnight support (10 hour shifts).

Reserve Denise as your birth doula with a signed contract and 50% deposit.

Payments accepted: Square, Check, Venmo CashApp, Zelle, Money Order & Payment Installments.


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