Perinatal Bereavement

You won't "just get over it..."

The loss of a newborn child, miscarriage, unwanted cesarean, premature labor, post-partum depression, and other forms of womb trauma; women are suffering in silence and carrying the hurt and pain of their trauma throughout their lives. It is blocking their creativity, stifling their success, and creating gaps in their lives.

We have chosen to treat such womb trauma as a normal part of life, a regular occurrence that cannot be explained. Women are told to be strong and deal with it...if not resolved, the pain has nowhere to go and it continues to stay stuck in our sacred creative, space. Now is the time for allow the energy from our wombs to transform so that we can move forward and reach our greatest potential. Are you or anyone you know suffering from unresolved womb trauma?

Denise is certified as a perinatal bereavement specialist and an MSW social worker, she works with parents and their families supporting them towards a healing process that is empowering. Please contact her for further details in the contact section of this website.