Bold Doula Package Options

Packages Can Be Customized To Support Your Birth.

(Most packages can come with complementary birth photography and belly binding.)

Check out the extra freebies below with every Bold Doula package!

You Deserve This.

Complete package: doula support, birth preferences, pediatrician selection, breastfeeding guidance,  Placenta encapsulation & 6 hours post-partum support.

Facing Single Motherhood? Be BOLD! Bold Doula supports single motherhood with birth & breastfeeding support,  with overnight in hospital support. 

First-time pregnancy. Birth doula support, birth preferences, pediatrician selection, breastfeeding support.

Second, third, fourth pregnancy birth: doula support, birth preference, breastfeeding guidance.

VBAC, Induction, or Cesarean birth doula support, birth preferences, breastfeeding support.

Home birth doula support, breastfeeding support, 3 hours post birth support.

You need SLEEP! Bold Doula provides overnight support so you & your partner/spouse can SLEEP. 10 hour support.

Lactation counseling. Breastfeeding support. Hourly rates or package rates available. Use the special tool to guide your baby's feeds, poops & pees. 

In-Home Childbirth Education. A through class in your home.  A review of your birth registry & nursery. 

Pregnant - Now what? Set up 30-60 minute call to get you on your goal to an empowered birth! An in depth Q&A with resources!

One-to-one support for you & your new family on the first day/night home, post-birth. Includes newborn care, circimcision care, lactation support. Week & month packages available.

Did you hear the call? Are YOU seeking to become a doula & need consult on where/how to start? Set up a 30 or 60 minute call NOW!

Bold Doula birth packages include: doula interview, intake, birth preference development, labor support, 'Golden Hour' support & a post-partum home visit.

Bold Doula offers all packages for FREE: Bold Doula Resource Packet: Includes a bundle of tips and professionals for the pregnancy and beyond!

Bold Doula also provides for FREE to the partner/spouse: Supporting Her: A webinar workshop for the partner on how to be of support in the birth. This webinar workshop can be explored in your home or office! A $50 value is FREE with any Bold Doula package!

Bold Doula supplies all doula support materials.

(You are welcome to enhance your birth with your own additional materials of support).



Bold Doula, Skype, FaceTime, Zoom & You = A Bold Connection!

Bold Doula can communicate with you through social media venues for consultations and interviews!

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