Pregnant? Build Your Birth Team!

Location is EVERYTHING!

Do you know the birth and C-section rates of your local hospital? Are you a good candidate for a birth center or home birth?

Be in the know BEFORE you fall- in-like with your prenatal care provider.

Midwife or OB?

What are the differences? What does your birth need? What is their practice style? Is there diversity?

How do you want to give birth?

What does this mean for you & your spouse/partner? Are you a single mom? How to navigate & stay empowered!

Having a Doula

Having a birth doula enhances your advocacy and empowerment. There is a doula to fit your budget. Discussion of the benefits of birth and postpartum doula support as well as what to look for.

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Covering diverse topics on your birth goals & birth team.

Consults are conducted using:

FaceTime, Zoom, Phone, Google Duo & Messenger.

Please have questions, Due Date (EDD) & birth location ready.

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