Bold Doula supports c-sections, VBAC's and epidurals = making sure the mother's birth preferences are respected within boundaries of safety for both mother & baby. 

Denise Bolds is the owner of a new organization: Black Women Do VBAC. Providing training to birthworkers to support Black/BIPOC families facing a surgical birth or VBAC. For Us Because of Us.

Check out the new website here:

There's so much to do in a pregnancy, so much information is given. Many women forget to ask THE question during their pregnancy.

Institutions and birthing centers all give wonderful tours with shiny beautiful pamphlets, (an average of 7 pounds of paper). The most important, often unasked question is:

What is the c-section rate of this institution/facility/maternal health provider?

It’s the non-discussed entity that can change an entire pregnancy & a woman's life. Click here to see where your state & facility ranks in c-section rates from consumer reports & the Center's For Disease Control (CDC).

Consumer Reports also has a video

Be in the know about c-section rates in your state, & local institution! Bold Doula can help!

Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)

Bold Doula LOVES VBAC's! Find a provider that supports a Trial Of Labor (TOL), have Bold Doula support you towards the mindset of having a vaginal birth that is safe & successful!