Bold Placenta:

 Placenta Encapsulation Services

You have made the decision to enhance your maternal care. The placenta is an amazing organ created by your body to nurture your baby and connects you both in pregnancy. The placenta holds hormones and nutrients you may ingest after birth as a supplement. This is done in many cultures.

Congratulations and thank you for contacting Bold Placenta for your placenta encapsulation services. The procedure for encapsulating your placenta starts at $350. Add tincture for an additional $50.00.

Your placenta is part of your pregnancy and is treated with respect and diligence. Bold Doula will pick up your harvested placenta upon notification. The method used in encapsulation is the traditional method of steaming followed by dehydration for a minimum of 12-hours. Only vegetable gel capsules are used. Encapsulated placentas are presented in beautiful blue jars to protect capsules from direct light. You may also request placenta an umbilical cord keepsake at no extra charge.

***The FDA does not support placenta encapsulation as there isn't enough evidence based research to support findings***

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