Epidurals, C-Sections, Inductions & Bold Doula.

Bold Doula encounters many
myths connected to pregnancy and birth. One constant myth: a birth doula is not
needed for an epidural, cesarean section or induction; a doula is only for
natural, home births. This myth is completely false. Many believe an epidural is not part of a natural birth; many doulas will not support a birth
using an epidural. Bold Doula supports epidurals as well as inductions and
cesarean sections (C-sections) with no judgment.


An epidural is a form of pain
relief accompanied by relaxation that is an intervention used during labor.
Epidurals are controversial, resulting in many researches conducted and
professional papers written on the intervention; how epidurals impact birth and
the fetus/newborn.

With an epidural, a small
catheter is inserted into the epidural space of the spinal canal; a pain relief
drug is administered. The woman in labor is now anesthetized from the chest
down, she confined to the hospital bed because the decrease of sensation results
in being a high risk for falls. Also, she is given a urinary catheter to remove
urine from the bladder keeping the bladder from obstructing the birth canal. It
is important to remember; an epidural
does not take away all pain of labor. A woman in labor using an epidural will
still feel some pain of labor.

An epidural also acts to
relax muscles allowing the progression of labor, cervical dilation and
descending of the baby in the birth canal. Bold Doula works with the woman with
the epidural in the hospital bed using positions & props in conjunction
with support for rest and relaxation techniques.  What
works well with epidurals and newborns: a woman with a epidural dilates to
10cm, is ready to push, requesting the anesthesiologist to decrease the pain
medication going into her spine will allow her to feel the urge to push, she
will feel some pain.
The benefit here is the epidural has allowed the woman
to relax and rest as she dilates to 10cm – now she is ready to work with
pushing and having her baby crown.  It is
noticed that women who requested to have the pain medication decreased once she
is fully dilated and ready to push; her baby can be born alert and
breastfeeding is transitioned with greater success than the woman who keeps the
pain medication at a high level in her epidural while she is trying to push;
she has very little sensation to do so because of the high amount of pain
mediation in the epidural.

Several hours after birth, the
epidural catheter is removed, the new mother is still confined to the hospital
bed until she regains high function and sensation to walk and urinate. Bold Doula is present to support the new
mother with the Golden Hour of breastfeeding and skin to skin bonding.

There is no judgment with an epidural for a Bold Doula client; the goal of a
vaginal birth is fully supported.


Bold Doula supports
inductions; scheduled or unscheduled using Cytotec, Cervidil and/or Pitocin.
This is a high clinical intervention. Bold Doula works with the woman in her
induction; she is often confined to the bed. Out of the bed, Bold Doula
continues to utilize comfort techniques with relaxation techniques to promote
labor. Having Bold Doula support your induction promotes support, relaxation
and advocacy towards the birth you and your partner are working towards. Having
Bold Doula support your induction can help decrease anxiety, promoting calm

Bold Doula also works with
induction client in preparation of having an induction starting at home before
going to the hospital. There is peace of mind knowing scenarios have been
discussed and the ‘team approach’ is strongly embraced; the woman is in a safe
environment promoting her labor to progress.

Cesarean Section

Commonly believe to be derived from the surgical birth of Julius
Caesar, however this seems unlikely. At that time the procedure was performed
only when the mother was dead or dying, as an attempt to save the child for a
state wishing to increase its population. Roman law under Caesar decreed that
all women who were so fated by childbirth must be cut open; hence, cesarean.

Today it is still a complete
abdominal surgery that done in a sterile environment (operating room) in the
hospital. Considered the birth method of last resort, although many hospitals
have very high rates of preforming C-sections. 
Bold Doula supports C-sections. There’s constant rhetoric C-section
women face when they retain a doula: “Why do you have a doula? You are having a

Here’s the real deal: When a
woman goes in for a C-section there is a team of medical professionals waiting
for her in the operating room.  After the
surgery is complete and the baby is born, the team goes away. The new mother is
now recovering from anesthesia while trying to breastfeed and maintain skin to
skin with her newborn.  She may be
experiencing aftereffects of anesthesia: nausea, vomiting, headache, dry mouth,
feeling woozy and more.

Bold Doula supports C-section
births: being present in the operating room if the partner is not present or
uncomfortable being in the OR, supporting breastfeeding in recovery as well as
skin to skin. Nurses provide excellent care; however they have more than one
patient to care for. Bold Doula provides
one-on-one support

Labor, birth and post partum,
Bold Doula supports epidurals, inductions and C-sections. The mother’s anxiety
is reduced as Bold Doula works with her and her partner in preparation of an
epidural, induction or C-section. During the event, Bold Doula supports the
woman in labor or surgery. Post partum, Bold Doula continues support with
breastfeeding, comfort techniques and skin to skin as well as supporting the
partner.  All Bold Doula clients receive
free birth photography. Bold Doula provides music and aroma therapy at the
discretion of the client for free.

Bold Doula is here for you,
your pregnancy and birth. You deserve Bold Doula. www.BoldDoula.com Please
research the C-section rate of the hospital you will be giving birth in. On Bold
Doula’s web page you will see the link to C-section rates of hospitals in your