Meet Denise Bolds...The Bold Doula

Denise comes from a heritage of matriarchal southern healers & leaders. She is a published writer, radio show host/producer, birth advocate, public speaker, empowerment workshop facilitator, a successful single mother of a 28-year-old son; Denise loves to read, hike, power walk, travel, Mexican food, music, algebra, Netflix and skydive. Denise embraces a colarborative practice of her southern heritage as part of her lifestyle, supported in tradition of spirituality. Denise is DONA International certified birth doula, she holds a MSW degree in social work. Denise lives in Hell's Kitchen.

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Denise supports: teens, same sex partners, C-Sections, VBAC's, members of the armed services, first time mothers, single mothers, inductions, plus size pregnancies, high risk and special needs pregnancies. She has experience in home births, birth centers and hospital environment. 

Denise supports in: Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, Putnam, Ulster & Westchester NY Counties, New York City, New Jersey & Danbury CT areas.


Denise is a master's degree social worker with over 15-years experience in case management in both hospital and office environments. She possesses a broad range of child-birth experience. Denise supports the mother; if you request to have an epidural during your labor, there's NO judgment. Denise works from a model of empowerment. TRUST is key! 

Bold Doula strives to provide you with a birth you want within safety & respect of you and your baby's health.


As your doula, Denise supports you/partner throughoutyour baby's birth and beyond.  A mother who has a doula during her pregnancy and birth is more likely to bond well with her baby, recover from her pregnancy/birth faster, and approach motherhood with a more positive attitude of support. A father who is supported by a birth doula participates in the labor and birth easier with confidence. Education, Advocacy, Support  and Empowerment = EASE!

Your birth is timeless... Bold Doula supports your total birth NO pre-set doula support time limit.

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